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Custom Trips

With so many choices for adventure it's easy to get overwhelmed.  One of the most common options for returning clients is to completely customize a trip. We recognize that your time is very valuable and so shooting us an email or giving a phone call is often the best way to know what options are out there.  We are constantly adding new trips to the main section of the website so keep stopping by, but below is a list of activities, locations, and pictures of the most highly recommended trips.

It's easy to overwhelm a website with all of the options out there for trips, trust us, we know.  Here is where we want to mention our experience in a more in depth manner.  If we are offering a trip, its because we have experience in an area that rivals the best operations out there.  We want to get our services out there and get them known.

The guiding industry is small.  The reputable people and companies know each other.  If you get in touch with us about a trip, and we are unable to offer it, we promise to utilize our resources to get you in touch with the best business in the area you're looking at.  That's a big statement.  We want to offer the best trips, and if we can't do that we want you to be in the best hands possible.


Here's a photo from a custom Ptarmigan Traverse trip a few years ago.  The Ptarmigan Traverse is a rugged backcountry hiking and glacier traverse traveling between two areas in and around North Cascades National Park in Washington.  We have 8 years of experience guiding in the mountains of Washington and this is one of our favorite trips.  Certainly not for beginners, this trip will test your ability to travel through challenging terrain, stay dry, and move for days on end.

Searching for someone to take you on a specific adventure you've had in mind? This photo is of the Coleman Headwall on Mount Baker.  It's a steep and exposed line, fit for only the individuals with experience and a expert ski ability.  Other ski trips like this are found all over, from the Wasatch in Utah, to California, Alaska, and Washington.


It would be impossible to list each one of the vast number of canyons in the desert southwest.  Is our desert sampler trip too much time driving around from place to place?  We have the ability to completely customize our trips to take you to Robbers Roost, or Escalante area, or the San Rafael Swell and just hang out and explore in one area.  Our form detailing the types of canyons is a good place to start but often just picking up the phone or sending an email will quickly get the ball rolling and the ideas flowing!

Prices for custom guided trips start at 600/day and include important pretrip information and zoom meetings if requested.  The effort and individual care as we prepare for your trip is unrivaled and you will show up feeling like you have the adventure of your dreams perfectly planned out.

Get in touch today.  Remember, if we can't help you out we will get you in touch with the people who can

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