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First turns of the season

Finally enough snow to feel reasonable getting in the first turns of the season. Jen and I headed up above Alta, and were surprised there weren't too many others out. It was a bit of a blustery day with about 30-45 cm of fresh snow depending on the location, but it was entirely worth it. Only a couple small rocks were found and it was easy to avoid the hazards if you paid attention. It didn't hurt that this newest storm was more similar to the snow received in Washington and the Pacific Northwest than in Utah, but we're not complaining!

Were happy with the setup of the snowpack for the season and with the majority of snow falling on bare ground, this should limit our persistent weak layer problem. We're going to take off for the desert on Wednesday for one last trip before it gets too cold.

As you can see the website is constantly being updated as information gets posted so stay

tuned as it is currently a work (quickly) in progress!

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