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Iceland Backcountry Skiing

I had a client get in touch with me for a ski trip to Greenland. This would mean I have to transit through Iceland, to reach the location in Greenland we would be skiing. With our trip to Greenland planned and figured out, it only made sense to take advantage of the ticket and do some skiing in Iceland on the way there!

We arrived in Reykjavik at 0600 on April 22. A word of advice is to either get a hotel room at a place you have status, to make it more likely they will allow you to check in quite early, or to go as far as to book a room for the night before. We were quite tired by about 1 pm, but luckily our hotel allowed us to check in then, in advance of our 3 or 4pm scheduled checkin.

We rested for the remainder of the day, before beginning our drive to Siglufjordur.

On the drive it wasn't hard to realize it was a bit lighter on snow than had been expected. We got to work right away after the 5-6 hour drive and went for an afternoon ski tour in the bright sunshine above town.

The next day was forecast to be quite nice as well, so we headed to the town of Olafsfjordur. There are lots of options around the area, but we made our way up one of the valley roads and easily found some great skiing right from the car.

We then drove to Isafjordur and spent our drive into town scoping lines. We quickly found one that skied right to the road, and within feet of the ocean.

After this we went on another ski adventure in the afternoon with some excellent views looking down onto the town of Isafjordur

An obligatory shot of skiing, where it looks as if you will fall into the ocean!

All in all it was an excellent trip, with great corn skiing, and a great reconnaissance for future guided trips to Iceland!

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