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Valdez, AK Spring 2021 Trip 1

I arrived in Alaska on March 26. We made the drive from Anchorage to Valdez with excellent visibility, and it looked as if that would hold up for a couple days, so we hit the ground running. We headed up on the Worthington Glacier our first day and did a loop on down to the Hoodoo Glacier and down Girls Mountain.

It was a fantastic spring in Valdez, AK this year, with either challenging visibility with good amounts of fresh snow, or nice weather days. Since the previous time I had been here, there have been a few changes in town, including a brewery, called Valdez Brewing. The location and beers were excellent after a day of Ski Touring.

Worthington Glacier Sunrise

Sunlight hitting us on the Worthington Glacier

The Ice Palace above the Hoodoo Glacier

We spent the majority of our days hiking for turns, but we added one exploratory day, at 907 Snowcat to our itinerary. They are located just outside the town of Valdez about 15 minutes, on slopes above the Valdez Glacier with between 3500-4000' of relief within their terrain. On our day skiing with 907 Snowcat, we were very lucky for a big dump of 45-60cm of snow with improving visibility throughout the day. The visibility certainly could be challenging on the wrong day in this treeless terrain, but for us, we lucked out!

View down the Cat-track of the airport on right, and the Port of Valdez

After getting out fill of skiing one day, we decided to hire someone for a tour of the Port of Valdez and out into the Prince William Sound if possible. We had a lovely afternoon with hardly a cloud in the sky floating around looking at the options of skiing to the sea. Although our goal was initially to make it to Bligh Reef, we didn't have quite enough time to make it to where the Exxon Valdez tanker had ran aground.

Port of Valdez with the Oil Tanker getting loaded up and nice skiing to sea level

We finished the 8 days of skiing with one more day of powder skiing in nice visibility. All in all trip #1 of 2021 was a great success, with lots of skiing to be had and many more options for another trip in the future!

With that, Trip 1 of 2021 was in the books

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