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West Coast Volcano Linkup

This is the quintessential spring ski trip.  When the snowpack transitions from winter snow to spring corn, we are typically graced with a weather window that allows for ski ascents and descents of the volcanos of the West Coast of the US.  From Lassen Peak in the South to Mount Baker in the North, the line of volcanos makes for an excellent link-up 

The preferred method of completing this trip is from South to North.  This allows a good warmup on Lassen Peak to review skills in California before continuing up the coast and ending at the most glaciated peak of the trip, Mount Baker.   Like most trips in the age of COVID, this one is customizable to cut out certain peaks, or add in a rest day here or there to add to the success or make it a bit more leisurely. 

This trip is designed for individuals with experience backcountry skiing, and experience with hiking approximately 5000' on back to back days.  Some days will be easier, and some days will be harder, but the combination of these peaks makes for the trip of a lifetime for the right group.  The typical itinerary is shown below.


Day 1 : Fly into Sacramento, CA where we will then drive to Lassen Peak to camp for the evening.  



Day 2:

This spring ski tour showcases the beauty of the Cascade volcanos in an excellent linkup that is already a classic.  Starting down in California on Lassen Peak, we will ski a lovely 4000’ run, which will warm us up for the remainder of the volcanos.  This is a day to ensure that everyone is well equipped and warmed up with use of ski crampons, crampons, and ensure we have strong enough skiers that will be able to handle all the climbs/ski descents we have planned.  We will start early to get the best snow, and finish early to ensure we can drive to Mt. Shasta, about 2 hours away.  Free Camping is available at the base, or hotels in Mount Shasta city are also an option.   

Days 3/4:

Mount Shasta is home to some incredibly long, consistent spring runs with some of the best corn skiing around.  We budget two nights for this peak, as it is  nice to establish a base camp up on the mountain, ski a lap the first afternoon and begin the acclimatization process, before summitting the next day.  Avalanche Gulch, one of the 50 classic ski descents of North America is one of the options to be skied on this trip, and is an incredible run encompassing 7300 feet from the summit to the car. 

Day 5 

Mt McLoughlin- a not so well known mountain, but a classic nonetheless.  On the drive from Mt Shasta, going north, this volcano pokes up here and there, and provides about 4000’ of skiing from the car park.  It’s a nice ski descent that links up the otherwise difficult area in between Shasta and Mt Hood.  For those tired after skiing Shasta we can also decide to skip McLoughlin and head to Crater Lake to check out this collapsed volcano, Mt Mazama.  After finishing McLoughlin, we will head North to Government Camp, OR, where will hotel for the night at the base of the south side of Mt Hood.

Day 6

Mt Hood: Today we will climb the classic south side of Mount Hood.  This beautiful climb will start off in the most luxurious way, with a snowcat or chairlift ride up to the top of the Palmer snowfield.  We will then climb through Devils Kitchen and up the Hogsback, before deciding between Old Chute and the Pearly Gates for the final ascent!  We will then enjoy the skiing on the way back down, through the ski area, and to Timberline Base, before enjoying a lunch and huckleberry smoothies at Hucks, in Government Camp, OR.  We will then make our way to Mount Adams where we will establish camp for the night.

Day 7

Mount Adams- Today is an early start for one of the most classic lines on any of the volcanos.  The SW Chutes of Mt Adams, starting from the top of Pikers Peak is a run you will remember forever.  This classic line descends over 3000’ of perfect corn, sometimes as smooth as a pool table, perfect for large radius turns on incredibly consistent snow (conditions dependent).  Depending on snow levels, we will then reconnect with the main trail and back to the cars before a great lunch/beverage in Trout Creek, OR 


6700’ feet

Day 8

Mount St Helens- Skiing the Worm flows of Mount St Helens can be an excellent way to spend a spring day, and after some of the bigger days on Mount Shasta and Mount Adams, is a nice way to have an "active rest day". This day involves a 4000' ascent and some excellent skiing on one of the most famous volcanos in the United States.  Is there any more you can ask for?  We will hotel for the night on the way between Mount St Helens and Mount Baker.

Day 9/10

Mount Baker

Today we start up Mount Baker, and we have quite a few different choices on route/approach.  Among the choices are the Easton Glacier, the Squak Glacier, the Coleman-Demming and the Boulder Glacier.  Thats quite a few choices, undoubtedly, however depending on the strengths and interests of the group as well as conditions, we will choose the best route.  We will do this as an overnight trip under most circumstances, as it is another very nice mountain to make the approach, get a bit of a ski in the afternoon, rest back at camp and summit/exit the following day. After skiing back down to camp, we will quickly pack up and cruise on down the trail before heading to our accommodation to enjoy a rest day, or a last evening together depending on those joining in on one of our finale ski descents.



Day 11 contingency/weather day to be added onto any of the peaks as needed for time constraints, weather issues, or conditions.  We will finish the trip in Seattle WA this evening with a team dinner and drinks to celebrate our adventures on 7 of the very classic Pacific Northwest volcanos!

Day 12: Fly out of Seattle back home!

At this point in time, these trips are limited to private groups, and we are limited to 4 guests per guide.  Groups of 5+ are possible, and a second AMGA Certified Guide will be added and the cost structure will be adjusted.

Booking Now for trip start dates of May 12, 2022 on

Cost $3000 pp group of 4

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