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Utah Backcountry Skiing

With so many options for great terrain and an average snowfall of 550", the ski touring is top notch.  With selections for beginners to expert skiers, Utah has something for everyone.  We offer guided ski days out, as well as instructional courses.  Arranging a phone call or email conversation will allow us to decide between Ski Touring, Ski Mountaineering objectives involving more challenging skiing or technical skills, or a Powder Hunter style trip utilizing chairlifts to gain access to the goods.  

Utah is a location that on any given day we are usually able to find great skiing and riding conditions, and your flexibility will allow us to select the best objective based on weather, snowfall, and snow conditions of the day.  Below are pictures to correlate with the activity.

Ski touring focuses more on finding the best snow and fun terrain to enjoy a lovely day out

Ski Mountaineering on the other hand we would classify as finding peaks to ski off, skiing technical lines, or utilizing technical skills like ropes, ice axes, and ski crampons.  While there is often a blend between the two that defines the differences pretty well.  All ski trips are on a private group basis, so a quick conversation can get us going on how to customize the perfect trip for you!


Ski Mountaineering


Ski Touring

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