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Mount Baker Backcountry

Washington Skiing


Washington has a coastal/maritime snowpack, which means that it tends to receive heavier snow on average compared with other places in the US.  This snow, in such high quantities means that Washington is the place for glaciated skiing in the lower 48!


The volcanos of Washington have some of the best spring skiing the U.S. has to offer.  Good conditions typically last into July or August, and sometimes year round 


Aside from the Spring volcano season, Washington does offer great skiiing in the winter.  Day trips out of Mount Baker, or Crystal Mountain ski area are among the most popular, however winter ascents of volcanos are a possibilty.  Washington also has many wonderful traverses that make for an enjoyable time out in the backcountry


Most Popular Trips


Mount Baker Summit and ski descent

Mount Shuksan White Salmon Glacier

Mount Adams Summit/Ski Descent 

Isolation Traverse

Forbidden Tour

Dates Available in May and even July 2021


Forbidden Tour-a 4 day tour Around the Boston Basin/Eldorado vicinity.  This is a good intermediate tour for those with experience ski touring with a pack and going for a few days in a row.  This trip is best completed in April and May.


On top of the popular trips many other peaks in Washington are skiable too long to list.  Custom trips are some of the most popular options for setting up in a way that is flexible and accomplishes the objectives you are most interested on your schedule.



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