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Canyoneering is the activity of traveling through the watercourse of a canyon, following where the water flows during the storms that form these canyons.  We of course do not take part in canyoneering during inclement weather for that reason, but those days are few and far between in the seasons we prefer.  For many, a simple questionnaire will let us know the locations and types of canyons we should consider and we will compile the perfect trip for your group.  Others come to us with a specific canyon they would like to visit.  The following information is to help inform your decision, but rest assured that whether you prefer long and technical days with tight canyon slots, or more wide open canyon travel with little to no technical obstacles, there are canyons for everyone.

As you look through options, recognize that travel time to/from the major cities of Salt Lake and Las Vegas are the most reasonable option, aside from those looking for canyons to explore while planning to be in a specific area.  It is for this reason that we recommend trip lengths of 3 days at a minimum as it is a half day travel time in general into the desert from those locations.

Canyoneering trips with harnesses, helmets, rappel devices, transportation, and camping included start at 999/day for a group up to 4

Step 1- Canyon Tightness

GPTempDownload 6.JPG

Narrow Slot Canyon

GPTempDownload 6.JPG

Moderate Slot Canyon


Wide Canyon

Step 2- Wet or Dry

(Generally Requires Wetsuit)


Step 3- Technical or Non-Technical

Short Technical


Long Technical


Step 4- How long of a day do you prefer?

A few hours

Half Day

Full Day of Hiking/Canyoneering

Step 5- Do you have any preferred locations to visit?

Examples of areas are Escalante area canyons, Zion area canyons, San Rafael Swell, or Robbers Roost to name a few.  If you have a specific canyon you are interested in please list this below

Step 6-How many days long would you like your trip to be?

We recommends 3 days at a minimum and most people feel they get the most out of a trip of 6-8+ days

Canyon Questionaire

Thanks for submitting!

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